Chinese Novelty Mining

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Chinese Novelty Mining
Automated mining of novel documents or sentences from chronologically ordered documents or sentences is an open challenge in text mining. In this paper, we describe the preprocessing techniques for detecting novel Chinese text and discuss the influence of different Part of Speech (POS) filtering rules on the detection performance. Experimental results on APWSJ and TREC 2004 Novelty Track data show that the Chinese novelty mining performance is quite different when choosing two dissimilar POS filtering rules. Thus, the selection of words to represent Chinese text is of vital importance to the success of the Chinese novelty mining. Moreover, we compare the Chinese novelty mining performance with that of English and investigate the impact of preprocessing steps on detecting novel Chinese text, which will be very helpful for developing a Chinese novelty mining system.
Yi Zhang, Flora S. Tsai
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Authors Yi Zhang, Flora S. Tsai
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