Ciphers Secure against Related-Key Attacks

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Ciphers Secure against Related-Key Attacks
Abstract. In a related-key attack, the adversary is allowed to transform the secret key and request encryptions of plaintexts under the transformed key. This paper studies the security of PRF- and PRPconstructions against related-key attacks. For adversaries who can only transform a part of the key, we propose a construction and prove its security, assuming a conventionally secure block cipher is given. By the terms of concrete security, this is an improvement over a recent result by Bellare and Kohno [2]. Further, based on some technical observations, we present two novel constructions for related-key secure PRFs, and we prove their security under numbertheoretical infeasibility assumptions.
Stefan Lucks
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where FSE
Authors Stefan Lucks
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