CIVIC: A Hypervisor Based Virtual Computing Environment

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CIVIC: A Hypervisor Based Virtual Computing Environment
The purpose of virtual computing environment is to improve resource utilization by providing a unified integrated operating platform for users and applications based on aggregation of heterogeneous and autonomous resources. With the rapid development in recent years, hypervisor technologies have become mature and comprehensive with four features, including transparency, isolation, encapsulation and manageability. In this paper, a hypervisor based virtual computing infrastructure, named CIVIC, is proposed. Compared with existing approaches, CIVIC may benefit in several ways. It offers separated and isolated computing environment for end users, and realizes hardware and software consolidation and centralized management. Beside this, CIVIC provides a transparent view to upper layer applications, by hiding the dynamicity, distribution and heterogeneity of underlying resources. Performance of the infrastructure is evaluated by an initial deployment and experiment. The result shows that CIVI...
Jinpeng Huai, Qin Li, Chunming Hu
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Updated 07 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where HPCC
Authors Jinpeng Huai, Qin Li, Chunming Hu
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