Classic-Like Analytic Tableaux for Finite-Valued Logics

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Classic-Like Analytic Tableaux for Finite-Valued Logics
The paper provides a recipe for adequately representing a very inclusive class of finite-valued logics by way of tableaux. The only requisite for applying the method is that the object logic received as input should be sufficiently expressive, in having the appropriate linguistic resources that allow for a bivalent representation. For each logic, the tableau system obtained as output has some attractive features: exactly two signs are used as labels in the rules, as in the case of classical logic, providing thus a uniform framework in which different logics can be represented and compared; the application of the rules is analytic, in that it always reduces complexity, providing thus an immediate prooftheoretical decision procedure together with a counter-model builder for the given logic. Key words: many-valued logics, proof theory 1 Background that any abstract consequence relation may be represented by way of an adequate many-valued semantics (cf. [16]) makes many-valued logics ubi...
Carlos Caleiro, João Marcos
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Carlos Caleiro, João Marcos
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