Cleaning and querying noisy sensors

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Cleaning and querying noisy sensors
Sensor networks have become an important source of data with numerous applications in monitoring various real-life phenomena as well as industrial applications and traffic control. Unfortunately, sensor data is subject to several sources of errors such as noise from external sources, hardware noise, inaccuracies and imprecision, and various environmental effects. Such errors may seriously impact the answer to any query posed to the sensors. In particular, they may yield imprecise or even incorrect and misleading answers which can be very significant if they result in immediate critical decisions or activation of actuators. In this paper, we present a framework for cleaning and querying noisy sensors. Specifically, we present a Bayesian approach for reducing the uncertainty associated with the data, that arise due to random noise, in an online fashion. Our approach combines prior knowledge of the true sensor reading, the noise characteristics of this sensor, and the observed noisy r...
Eiman Elnahrawy, Badri Nath
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WSNA
Authors Eiman Elnahrawy, Badri Nath
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