COCO: Composition Model and Composition Model Implementation

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COCO: Composition Model and Composition Model Implementation
Component-based software engineering attempts to address the ever increasing demand for new software applications by enabling a compositional approach to software construction in which applications are built from pre-fabricated components, rather than developed from scratch. However, the success of component-based development has been impeded by interoperability concerns that often come into play when composing two or more independently developed components. These concerns encompass five incompatibility dimensions: component model, semantic, syntactic, design and platform. In this paper we now propose a CoCo composition model that elevates compositions to first class citizenship status and defines the standard for describing the composition of components transparently to any underlying incompatibilities between the collaborating components; and a CoCo composition model implementation that provides the required support to describe and subsequently execute the composition to produce ...
Naiyana Tansalarak, Kajal T. Claypool
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Updated 24 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Naiyana Tansalarak, Kajal T. Claypool
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