Code analysis and CS-XML

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Code analysis and CS-XML
The automated analysis of model specifications is an area that historically receives little attention in the simulation research community but which can offer significant benefits. A common objective in simulation is enhanced understanding of a system; model specification analysis can provide insights not otherwise available as well as time and cost savings in model development. The Condition Specification (CS) (Overstreet and Nance 1985) represents a model specification form that is amenable to analysis. This paper discusses the motivations for and the creation of CS-XML; a translator for CSes into XML-based Condition Specifications; and a translator for CS-XML into fully-executable C/C++ code. It presents initial results from analysis efforts using CodeSurfer (Anderson et al. 2003), a software static analysis tool, and discusses future work. In conclusion, it is argued that the CSXML can provide an essential foundation for Web Services that support the analysis of discrete-ev...
Kara A. Olson, C. Michael Overstreet, E. Joseph De
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WSC
Authors Kara A. Olson, C. Michael Overstreet, E. Joseph Derrick
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