Code Compression for Embedded Systems

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Code Compression for Embedded Systems
Memory is one of the most restricted resources in many modern embedded systems. Code compression can provide substantial savings in terms of size. In a compressed code CPU, a cache miss triggers the decompression of a main memory block, before it gets transferred to the cache. Because the code must be decompressible starting from any point or at least at cache block boundaries, most le-oriented compression techniques cannot be used. We propose two algorithms to compress code in a space-e cient and simple to decompress way, one which is independent of the instruction set and another which depends on the instruction set. We perform experiments on two instruction sets, a typical RISC MIPS and a typical CISC x86 and compare our results to existing le-oriented compression algorithms.
Haris Lekatsas, Wayne Wolf
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where DAC
Authors Haris Lekatsas, Wayne Wolf
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