Coevolutionary Robotics

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Coevolutionary Robotics
We address the fundamental issue of fully automated design (FAD) and construction of inexpensive robots and their controllers. Rather than seek an intelligent general purpose robot -- the humanoid robot, ubiquitous in today's research as the long term goal -- we are developing the information technology that can design and fabricate special-purpose mechanisms and controllers to achieve specific short-term objectives. These robots will be constructed from reusable sensors, effectors, and computers held together with materials custom "printed" by rapid prototyping (RP) equipment. By releasing the goal of designing software controllers for EXISTING machines in favor of the automated co-design of software and hardware together, we will be replicating the principles used by biology in the creation of complex groups of animals adapted to specific environments. Programming control software has become so difficult as more degrees of freedom and task goals are added to robots, t...
Jordan B. Pollack, Hod Lipson, Pablo Funes, Sevan
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where EH
Authors Jordan B. Pollack, Hod Lipson, Pablo Funes, Sevan G. Ficici, Gregory Hornby
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