Cognos: crowdsourcing search for topic experts in microblogs

9 years 2 months ago
Cognos: crowdsourcing search for topic experts in microblogs
Finding topic experts on microblogging sites with millions of users, such as Twitter, is a hard and challenging problem. In this paper, we propose and investigate a new methodology for discovering topic experts in the popular Twitter social network. Our methodology relies on the wisdom of the Twitter crowds – it leverages Twitter Lists, which are often carefully curated by individual users to include experts on topics that interest them and whose meta-data (List names and descriptions) provides valuable semantic cues to the experts’ domain of expertise. We mined List information to build Cognos, a system for finding topic experts in Twitter. Detailed experimental evaluation based on a real-world deployment shows that: (a) Cognos infers a user’s expertise more accurately and comprehensively than state-of-the-art systems that rely on the user’s bio or tweet content, (b) Cognos scales well due to built-in mechanisms to efficiently update its experts’ database with new users, a...
Saptarshi Ghosh, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Fabrí
Added 28 Sep 2012
Updated 28 Sep 2012
Type Journal
Year 2012
Authors Saptarshi Ghosh, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Fabrício Benevenuto, Niloy Ganguly, P. Krishna Gummadi
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