Coherent Keyphrase Extraction via Web Mining

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Coherent Keyphrase Extraction via Web Mining
Keyphrases are useful for a variety of purposes, including summarizing, indexing, labeling, categorizing, clustering, highlighting, browsing, and searching. The task of automatic keyphrase extraction is to select keyphrases from within the text of a given document. Automatic keyphrase extraction makes it feasible to generate keyphrases for the huge number of documents that do not have manually assigned keyphrases. A limitation of previous keyphrase extraction algorithms is that the selected keyphrases are occasionally incoherent. That is, the majority of the output keyphrases may fit together well, but there may be a minority that appear to be outliers, with no clear semantic relation to the majority or to each other. This paper presents enhancements to the Kea keyphrase extraction algorithm that are designed to increase the coherence of the extracted keyphrases. The approach is to use the degree of statistical association among candidate keyphrases as evidence that they may be semant...
Peter D. Turney
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Year 2003
Authors Peter D. Turney
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