Cold topics in networking

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Cold topics in networking
A major contribution to global warming has been the number of new workshops publishing proceedings with the prefix hot. In this article, I propose that we counter this trend in an attempt to remain carbon neutral with a set of "antiworkshops" on cold topics. We suggest a number of heuristics for detecting when a topic has gone cold, and give some examples of the application of these heuristics. Of course, some cold topics warm up again, and so there is a risk of over dampening in our heuristic. Over a long period, dynamic equilibrium should be assured, but from time to time, our scheme may prejudice against surprising results in boring areas of communications research. Nevertheless, it may leave room for more surprising results in interesting areas of research, which cannot be a bad thing. Categories and Subject Descriptors C [.]: 2.1 [Packet-switching networks],[Network Communication] General Terms General Terms: Algorithms, Performance, Design
Jon Crowcroft
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