Collaborative dancing in tele-immersive environment

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Collaborative dancing in tele-immersive environment
We present a study of collaborative dancing between remote dancers in a tele-immersive environment which features 3D full and real body capturing, wide field of view, multi-display 3D rendering, and attachment free participant. We invite two professional dancers to perform collaborative dancing in the environment. The coordination requires one dancer to take the lead while the other follows by appropriate movement. Throughout the experiment, the dancers are dancing at various motion rates to evaluate how well the collaborative dancing is supported with the current technical boundary. Our important findings indicate that 1) tele-immersive environments have strong potential impact on the concept of choreography and communication of live dance performance, 2) the presence of multi-view display, real body 3D rendering, audio channel, and less intrusiveness greatly enhances the immersive and dancing experience, and 3) the level of synchronization achieved by the dancers is higher than th...
Zhenyu Yang, Bin Yu, Wanmin Wu, Ross Diankov, Ruze
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where MM
Authors Zhenyu Yang, Bin Yu, Wanmin Wu, Ross Diankov, Ruzena Bajcsy
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