Collaborative future event recommendation

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Collaborative future event recommendation
We demonstrate a method for collaborative ranking of future events. Previous work on recommender systems typically relies on feedback on a particular item, such as a movie, and generalizes this to other items or other people. In contrast, we examine a setting where no feedback exists on the particular item. Because direct feedback does not exist for events that have not taken place, we recommend them based on individuals’ preferences for past events, combined collaboratively with other peoples’ likes and dislikes. We examine the topic of unseen item recommendation through a user study of academic (scientific) talk recommendation, where we aim to correctly estimate a ranking function for each user, predicting which talks would be of most interest to them. Then by decomposing user parameters into shared and individual dimensions, we induce a similarity metric between users based on the degree to which they share these dimensions. We show that the collaborative ranking predictions o...
Einat Minkov, Ben Charrow, Jonathan Ledlie, Seth J
Added 24 Jan 2011
Updated 24 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CIKM
Authors Einat Minkov, Ben Charrow, Jonathan Ledlie, Seth J. Teller, Tommi Jaakkola
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