Collaborative Runtime Verification with Tracematches

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Collaborative Runtime Verification with Tracematches
Perfect pre-deployment test coverage is notoriously difficult to achieve for large applications. Given enough end users, however, many more test cases will be encountered during an application's deployment than during testing. The use of runtime verification after deployment would enable developers to detect unexpected situations. Unfortunately, the prohibitive performance cost of runtime monitors prevents their use in deployed code. In this work, we study the feasibility of collaborative runtime verification, a verification approach which can distribute the burden of runtime verification among multiple users and over multiple runs. Each user executes a partially instrumented program and therefore suffers only a fraction of the instrumentation overhead. We focus on runtime verification using tracematches. Tracematches are a specification formalism that allows users to specify runtime verification properties via regular expressions with free variables over the dynamic execution tr...
Eric Bodden, Laurie J. Hendren, Patrick Lam, Ondre
Added 20 May 2011
Updated 20 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Eric Bodden, Laurie J. Hendren, Patrick Lam, Ondrej Lhoták, Nomair A. Naeem
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