Collective spatial keyword querying

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Collective spatial keyword querying
With the proliferation of geo-positioning and geo-tagging, spatial web objects that possess both a geographical location and a textual description are gaining in prevalence, and spatial keyword queries that exploit both location and textual description are gaining in prominence. However, the queries studied so far generally focus on finding individual objects that each satisfy a query rather than finding groups of objects where the objects in a group collectively satisfy a query. We define the problem of retrieving a group of spatial web objects such that the group’s keywords cover the query’s keywords and such that objects are nearest to the query location and have the lowest inter-object distances. Specifically, we study two variants of this problem, both of which are NP-complete. We devise exact solutions as well as approximate solutions with provable approximation bounds to the problems. We present empirical studies that offer insight into the efficiency and accuracy of t...
Xin Cao, Gao Cong, Christian S. Jensen, Beng Chin
Added 17 Sep 2011
Updated 17 Sep 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Xin Cao, Gao Cong, Christian S. Jensen, Beng Chin Ooi
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