A Columnar Transposition cipher in a contemporary setting

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A Columnar Transposition cipher in a contemporary setting
A simple cryptographic method, a type of columnar transposition cipher, is described which may be used in series with other methods to provide practical hybrid encryption. The method involves the use of a deterministic Cryptographic Pseudo Random Number Generator (CPRNG) to specify an unbiased random transposition of blocks of plain-text or intermediate text. The decryption process involves applying a reverse transposition at the appropriate stage. The method may be applied at a single stage or several stages. The unit of transposition may be a bit or a byte or larger block. The method, when added in series with existing encryption methods, can deter attacks which exploit known weaknesses. The method could be applied at several scales in order to obscure structures within the plaintext, e.g. at the bit level, to obscure the almost fixed transmission headers; at the computer word-level, to disguise application record structures. Two (incompatible) outline implementations are presented....
John Jones
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Year 2016
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