Combinatorial Optimization for Electrode Labeling of EEG Caps

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Combinatorial Optimization for Electrode Labeling of EEG Caps
Abstract. An important issue in electroencephalographiy (EEG) experiments is to measure accurately the three dimensional (3D) positions of the electrodes. We propose a system where these positions are automatically estimated from several images using computer vision techniques. Yet, only a set of undifferentiated points are recovered this way and remains the problem of labeling them, i.e. of finding which electrode corresponds to each point. This paper proposes a fast and robust solution to this latter problem based on combinatorial optimization. We design a specific energy that we minimize with a modified version of the Loopy Belief Propagation algorithm. Experiments on real data show that, with our method, a manual labeling of two or three electrodes only is sufficient to get the complete labeling of a 64 electrodes cap in less than 10 seconds.
Jean-Michel Badier, Mickaël Péchaud, R
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jean-Michel Badier, Mickaël Péchaud, Renaud Keriven, Théodore Papadopoulo
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