Combining programming with theorem proving

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Combining programming with theorem proving
Applied Type System (ATS) is recently proposed as a framework for designing and formalizing (advanced) type systems in support of practical programming. In ATS, the definition of type equality involves a constraint relation, which may or may not be algorithmically decidable. To support practical programming, we adopted a design in the past that imposes certain restrictions on the syntactic form of constraints so that some effective means can be found for solving constraints automatically. Evidently, this is a rather ad hoc design in its nature. In this paper, we rectify the situation by presenting a fundamentally different design, which we claim to be both novel and practical. Instead of imposing syntactical restrictions on constraints, we provide a means for the programmer to construct proofs that attest to the validity of constraints. In particular, we are to accommodate a programming paradigm that enables the programmer to combine programming with theorem proving. Also we present s...
Chiyan Chen, Hongwei Xi
Added 13 Dec 2009
Updated 13 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICFP
Authors Chiyan Chen, Hongwei Xi
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