Combining Web 2.0 and Collaboration Support Systems

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Combining Web 2.0 and Collaboration Support Systems
In the current discussion of the impact Web 2.0 may have on CSCW and Groupware research, Web 2.0 applications are often considered to be a substitute for Collaboration Support Systems. This paper argues that rather than replacing such systems, Web 2.0 mechanisms may complement them and help to overcome existing problems. The paper provides an analysis of differences and overlaps in purposes of applications and processes in these domains. This leads to the development of strategies for their combination. The paper describes real world implementations of these strategies and reflects upon how Web 2.0 may influence and even shape next generation Collaboration Support Systems. 1 Web 2.0 and Collaboration Support: Substitute or Major Upgrade? Today's economy is vastly dependent on labor that is usually referred to by the notion of knowledge work (cf. Davenport 2005). Support for knowledge workers has to be accomplished on an individual and a group level, resulting in a transition from...
Michael Prilla, Carsten Ritterskamp
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Year 2008
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Authors Michael Prilla, Carsten Ritterskamp
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