Communication-Efficient Implementation of Range-Joins in Sensor Networks

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Communication-Efficient Implementation of Range-Joins in Sensor Networks
Sensor networks are multi-hop wireless networks of resource constrained sensor nodes used to realize high-level collaborative sensing tasks. To query and access data generated and stored at the sensor nodes, the sensor network can be looked upon as a distributed database. The unique characteristics of sensor networks such as limited memory and energy resources at each node make efficient execution of database queries in such networks a challenge. In particular, since message transmissions is the dominant source of battery power consumption, communication efficiency is the the main criteria of query optimization. In this article, we consider energy-efficient implementation of the SQL join operation in sensor databases, when the join selection condition is a range predicate. Apart from two simple approaches, we propose distributed hash-join and index-join algorithms for implementation of range-join operations in sensor networks. Through extensive simulations, we show that hash-join as we...
Aditi Pandit, Himanshu Gupta
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Aditi Pandit, Himanshu Gupta
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