Communication Problems in Random Line-of-Sight Ad-Hoc Radio Networks

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Communication Problems in Random Line-of-Sight Ad-Hoc Radio Networks
The line-of-sight networks is a network model introduced recently by Frieze et al. (SODA’07). It considers scenarios of wireless networks in which the underlying environment has a large number of obstacles and the communication can only take place between objects that are close in space and are in the line of sight (are visible) to one another. To capture the main properties of this model, Frieze et al. proposed a new random networks model in which nodes are randomly placed (with probability p) on an n × n grid and a node can see (can communicate with) all the nodes that are in at most a certain fixed distance r and which are in the same row or column. Frieze et al. concentrated their study on basic structural properties of the random lineof-sight networks, like the connectivity, k-connectivity, etc., and in this paper we focus on the communication aspects of the random line-of-sight networks in the scenario of ad-hoc radio communication networks. We consider the classical ad-hoc ...
Artur Czumaj, Xin Wang
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Artur Czumaj, Xin Wang
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