Communications Challenges in the Celtic-BOSS Project

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Communications Challenges in the Celtic-BOSS Project
The BOSS project [1] aims at developing an innovative and bandwidth efficient communication system to transmit large data rate communications between public transport vehicles and the wayside to answer to the increasing need from Public Transport operators for new and/or enhanced on-board functionality and services, such as passenger security and exploitation such as remote diagnostic or predictive maintenance. As a matter of fact, security issues, traditionally covered in stations by means of video-surveillance are clearly lacking on-board trains, due to the absence of efficient transmission means from the train to a supervising control centre. Similarly, diagnostic or maintenance issues are generally handled when the train arrives in stations or during maintenance stops, which prevents proactive actions to be carried out. The aim of the project is to circumvent these limitations and offer a system level solution. This article focuses on the communication system challenges.
Gábor Jeney, Catherine Lamy-Bergot, Xavier
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where NEW2AN
Authors Gábor Jeney, Catherine Lamy-Bergot, Xavier Desurmont, Rafael Lopez da Silva, Rodrigo Álvarez García-Sanchidrián, Michel Bonte, Marion Berbineau, Márton Csapodi, Olivier Cantineau, Naceur Malouch, David Sanz, Jean-Luc Bruyelle
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