Communicative Functions of Haptic Feedback

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Communicative Functions of Haptic Feedback
In this paper a number of examples are presented of how haptic and auditory feedback can be used for deictic referencing in collaborative virtual environments. Haptic feedback supports getting a shared frame of reference of a common workspace when one person is not sighted and makes haptic deictic referencing possible during navigation and object exploration. Haptic guiding is a broader concept that implies that not only a single action, like a deictic reference, is made but that a whole sequence of temporally connected events are shared, sometimes including deictic referencing. In the examples presented in this paper haptic guiding is used by participants as a way to navigate while at the same time explore details of objects during joint problem solving. Guiding through haptic feedback is shown to substitute verbal navigational instructions to a considerable extent.
Jonas Moll, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
Added 18 Feb 2011
Updated 18 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Where HAID
Authors Jonas Moll, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs
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