Compact, Fast and Robust Grids for Ray Tracing

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Compact, Fast and Robust Grids for Ray Tracing
The focus of research in acceleration structures for ray tracing recently shifted from render time to time to image, the sum of build time and render time, and also the memory footprint of acceleration structures now receives more attention. In this paper we revisit the grid acceleration structure in this setting. We present two efficient methods for representing and building a grid. The compact grid method consists of a static data structure for representing a grid with minimal memory requirements, more specifically exactly one index per grid cell and exactly one index per object reference, and an algorithm for building that data structure in linear time. The hashed grid method reduces memory requirements even further, by using perfect hashing based on row displacement compression. We show that these methods are more efficient in both time and space than traditional methods based on linked lists and dynamic arrays. We also present a more robust grid traversal algorithm. We show that,...
Ares Lagae, Philip Dutré
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CGF
Authors Ares Lagae, Philip Dutré
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