Compact Regions for Place/Transition Nets

3 years 10 months ago
Compact Regions for Place/Transition Nets
This paper presents compact regions to synthesize a Petri net from a partial language. We synthesize a Petri net using the theory of regions. Let there be a partial language, every region definition provides an inequality system and a solution of this system is called a region. Every region defines a valid place where a place is valid if it enables every word of the partial language. The new compact region definition relies on compact tokenflows. Compact tokenflows are a very efficient behavioral model for the partial language of Petri nets [3, 4]. Compact regions will lead to faster synthesis algorithms computing smaller Petri nets solving the synthesis problem.
Robin Bergenthum
Added 16 Apr 2016
Updated 16 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
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Authors Robin Bergenthum
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