Compacting XML Documents

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Compacting XML Documents
Abstract. Nowadays one of the most common formats for storing information is XML. The size of XML documents can be rather large, and they may contain redundant attributes which can be calculated from others. The main idea behind our paper is based on a relationship between XML documents and attribute grammars. Using this relationship it is possible to define semantic rules for XML attributes using a metalanguage called SRML. With this metalanguage we decided to develop a method for compacting XML documents. After compaction it is possible to use XML compressors to make the compacted document smaller, thus increasing the potential compression ratio of the compressors. Devising the rules can be done manually or by a machine learning approach. Our method can be viewed as a form of data mining, meaning that it can find relationships between attributes which might not have been noticed by the user beforehand.
Miklós Kálmán, Ferenc Havasi,
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Miklós Kálmán, Ferenc Havasi, Tibor Gyimóthy
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