Comparing Networks from a Data Analysis Perspective

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Comparing Networks from a Data Analysis Perspective
To probe network characteristics, two predominant ways of network comparison are global property statistics and subgraph enumeration. However, they suffer from limited information and exhaustible computing. Here, we present an approach to compare networks from the perspective of data analysis. Initially, the approach projects each node of original network as a high-dimensional data point, and the network is seen as clouds of data points. Then the dispersion information of the principal component analysis (PCA) projection of the generated data clouds can be used to distinguish networks. We applied this node projection method to the yeast protein-protein interaction networks and the Internet Autonomous System networks, two types of networks with several similar higher properties. The method can efficiently distinguish one from the other. The identical result of different datasets from independent sources also indicated that the method is a robust and universal framework. Key words: net...
Wei Li, Jing-Yu Yang
Added 26 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Wei Li, Jing-Yu Yang
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