Comparing notions of randomness

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Comparing notions of randomness
Abstract. It is an open problem in the area of effective (algorithmic) randomness whether Kolmogorov-Loveland randomness coincides with Martin-L¨of randomness. Joe Miller and Andr´e Nies suggested some variations of Kolmogorov-Loveland randomness to approach this problem and to provide a partial solution. We show that their proposed notion of injective randomness is still weaker than Martin-L¨of randomness. Since in its proof some of the ideas we use are clearer, we also show the weaker theorem that permutation randomness is weaker than Martin-L¨of randomness.
Bart Kastermans, Steffen Lempp
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Where TCS
Authors Bart Kastermans, Steffen Lempp
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