A comparison of evaluation methods in coevolution

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A comparison of evaluation methods in coevolution
In this research, we compare four different evaluation methods in coevolution on the Majority Function problem. The size of the problem is selected such that an evaluation against all possible test cases is feasible. Two measures are used for the comparisons, i.e., the objective fitness derived from evaluating solutions againt all test cases, and the objective fitness correlation (OFC), which is defined as the correlation coefficient between subjective and objective fitness. The results of our experiments suggest that a combination of average score and weighted informativeness may provide a more accurate evaluation in coevolution. In order to confirm this difference, a series of t-tests on the preference between each pair of the evaluation methods is performed. The resulting significance is affirmative, and the tests for two quality measures show similar preference on four evaluation methods. Categories and Subject Descriptors F.0 [General] General Terms Algorithms, Experimentation, P...
Ting-Shuo Yo, Edwin D. de Jong
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Ting-Shuo Yo, Edwin D. de Jong
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