Competitive Optimal On-Line Leasing

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Competitive Optimal On-Line Leasing
Consider an on-line player who needs some equipment (e.g., a computer) for an initially unknown number of periods. At the start of each period it is determined whether the player will need the equipment during the current period and the player has two options: to pay a leasing fee c and rent the equipment for the period, or to buy it for a larger amount P. The total cost incurred by the player is the sum of all leasing fees and perhaps one purchase. The above problem, called the leasing problem (in computer science folklore it is known as the ski-rental problem), has received considerable attention in the economic literature. Using the competitive ratio as a performance measure this paper is concerned with determining the optimal competitive on-line policy for the leasing problem. For the simplest version of the leasing problem (as described above) it is known and readily derived that the optimal deterministic competitive performance is achieved by leasing for the first k - 1 times and...
Ran El-Yaniv, R. Kaniel, Nathan Linial
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1999
Authors Ran El-Yaniv, R. Kaniel, Nathan Linial
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