Competitive prefetching for concurrent sequential I/O

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Competitive prefetching for concurrent sequential I/O
During concurrent I/O workloads, sequential access to one I/O stream can be interrupted by accesses to other streams in the system. Frequent switching between multiple sequential I/O streams may severely affect I/O efficiency due to long disk seek and rotational delays of disk-based storage devices. Aggressive prefetching can improve the granularity of sequential data access in such cases, but it comes with a higher risk of retrieving unneeded data. This paper proposes a competitive prefetching strategy that controls the prefetching depth so that the overhead of disk I/O switch and unnecessary prefetching are balanced. The proposed strategy does not require a-priori information on the data access pattern, and achieves at least half the performance (in terms of I/O throughput) of the optimal offline policy. We also provide analysis on the optimality of our competitiveness result and extend the competitiveness result to capture prefetching in the case of random-access workloads. We hav...
Chuanpeng Li, Kai Shen, Athanasios E. Papathanasio
Added 10 Mar 2010
Updated 10 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Chuanpeng Li, Kai Shen, Athanasios E. Papathanasiou
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