Complementation in Abstract Interpretation

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Complementation in Abstract Interpretation
ntation in Abstract Interpretation AGOSTINO CORTESI Universit`a di Venezia GILBERTO FIL´E Universit`a di Padova ROBERTO GIACOBAZZI Universit`a di Pisa CATUSCIA PALAMIDESSI Universit`a di Genova and FRANCESCO RANZATO Universit`a di Padova product of abstract domains is a rather well-known operation for domain composition act interpretation. In this article, we study its inverse operation, introducing a notion n complementation in abstract interpretation. Complementation provides a systematic esign new abstract domains, and it allows to systematically decompose domains. Also, such an operation allows to simplify domain verification problems, and it yields space-saving representations for complex domains. We show that the complement exists in most cases, and we mplementation to three well-known abstract domains, notably to Cousot and Cousot’s interval domain for integer variable analysis, to Cousot and Cousot’s domain for comportment analysis of functional languages, and to the doma...
Agostino Cortesi, Gilberto Filé, Roberto Gi
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Where SAS
Authors Agostino Cortesi, Gilberto Filé, Roberto Giacobazzi, Catuscia Palamidessi, Francesco Ranzato
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