A Complete Subsumption Algorithm

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A Complete Subsumption Algorithm
Abstract. Efficiency of the first-order logic proof procedure is a major issue when deduction systems are to be used in real environments, both on their own and as a component of larger systems (e.g., learning systems). Hence, the need of techniques that can perform such a process with reduced time/space requirements (specifically when performing resolution). This paper proposes a new algorithm that is able to return the whole set of solutions to θ-subsumption problems by compactly representing substitutions. It could be exploited when techniques available in the literature are not suitable. Experimental results on its performance are encouraging.
Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Di Mauro, Teresa Maria Alt
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where AIIA
Authors Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Di Mauro, Teresa Maria Altomare Basile, Floriana Esposito
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