Completeness Analysis for Incomplete Object-Oriented Programs

8 years 10 months ago
Completeness Analysis for Incomplete Object-Oriented Programs
We introduce a new approach, called completeness analysis, to computing points-to sets for incomplete Java programs such as library modules or applications in the presence of dynamic class loading. One distinctive feature of this work is that the access and modification properties of fields are taken into account. By combining with a whole-program points-to analysis, completeness analysis yields not only the required points-to sets but also determines which points-to sets and call sites are complete (when the pointed-to objects and target methods are statically resolvable) or not. Such a compositional approach yields more precise points-to sets than those computed by the points-to analysis alone. In addition, our technique also determines (for the first time) which objects may be incompletely detectable, i.e., may be missing in some statically computed points-to sets. We provide experimental evidence to demonstrate that better analysis precision in benchmarks is obtained when the ...
Jingling Xue, Phung Hua Nguyen
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Jingling Xue, Phung Hua Nguyen
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