Component-Based Description of Programming Languages

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Component-Based Description of Programming Languages
Research in formal description of programming languages over the past four decades has led to some significant achievements. These include formal syntax and semantics for complete major programming languages, and theoretical foundations for novel features that might be included in future languages. Nevertheless, to give a completely formal, validated description of any significant programming language using the conventional frameworks remains an immense effort, disproportionate to its perceived benefits. Our diagnosis of the causes of this disappointing situation highlights two major deficiencies in the pragmatic aspects of formal language descriptions in conventional frameworks: lack of reusable components, and poor tool support. Part of the proposed remedy is a radical shift to a novel component-based paradigm for the development of complete language descriptions, based on simple interfaces between descriptions of syntactic and semantic aspects, and employing frameworks that allow i...
Peter D. Mosses
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Type Conference
Year 2008
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Authors Peter D. Mosses
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