Composing Mappings Between Schemas Using a Reference Ontology

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Composing Mappings Between Schemas Using a Reference Ontology
Large-scale database integration requires a significant cost in developing a global schema and finding mappings between the global and local schemas. Developing the global schema requires matching and merging the concepts in the data sources and is a bottleneck in the process. In this paper we propose a strategy for computing the mapping between schemas by performing a composition of the mappings between individual schemas and a reference ontology. Our premise is that many organizations have standard ontologies that, although they may not be suitable as a global schema, are useful in providing standard terminology and naming conventions for concepts and relationships. It is valuable to leverage these existing ontological resources to help automate the construction of a global schema and mappings between schemas. Our system semi-automates the matching between local schemas and a reference ontology then automatically composes the matchings to build mappings between schemas. Using these m...
Eduard C. Dragut, Ramon Lawrence
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Eduard C. Dragut, Ramon Lawrence
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