Composing Semi-algebraic O-Minimal Automata

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Composing Semi-algebraic O-Minimal Automata
This paper addresses questions regarding the decidability of hybrid automata that may be constructed hierarchically and in a modular way, as is the case in many exemplar systems, be it natural or engineered. Since the basic fundamental step in such constructions is a product operation, an essential property that would be desired is that the reachability property of the product hybrid automaton be decidable, provided that the component hybrid automata belong to a suitably restricted family of automata. Somewhat surprisingly, the product operation does not assure a closure of decidability for the reachability problem. Nonetheless, this paper establishes the decidability of the reachability condition over automata which are obtained by synchronizing two semi-algebraic o-minimal systems.
Alberto Casagrande, Pietro Corvaja, Carla Piazza,
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Alberto Casagrande, Pietro Corvaja, Carla Piazza, Bud Mishra
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