Composite Texture Descriptions

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Composite Texture Descriptions
Textures can often more easily be described as a composition of subtextures than as a single texture. The paper proposes a way to model and synthesize such "composite textures", where the layout of the different subtextures is itself modeled as a texture, which can be generated automatically. Examples are shown for building materials with an intricate structure and for the automatic creation of landscape textures. First, a model of the composite texture is generated. This procedure comprises manual or unsupervised texture segmentation to learn the spatial layout of the composite texture and the extraction of models for each of the subtextures. Synthesis of a composite texture includes the generation of a layout texture, which is subsequently filled in with the appropriate subtextures. This scheme is refined further by also including interactions between neighboring subtextures. 1 Composite Textures, Divide and Conquer Natural textures can be of a very high complexity, which r...
Alexey Zalesny, Vittorio Ferrari, Geert Caenen, Do
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where ECCV
Authors Alexey Zalesny, Vittorio Ferrari, Geert Caenen, Dominik Auf der Maur, Luc J. Van Gool
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