Computational Abstraction Steps

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Computational Abstraction Steps
ional Abstraction Steps Lone Leth Thomsena Bent Thomsena Kurt Nørmarka a. Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark In this paper we discuss computational abstraction steps as a reate class abstractions from concrete objects, and from examples. ional abstraction steps are regarded as symmetric counterparts to computational concretisation steps, which are well-known in terms of function calls and class instantiations. Our teaching experience shows that many novice programmers find it difficult to write programs with ions that materialise to concrete objects later in the development process. The contribution of this paper is the idea of initiating a programming process by creating or capturing concrete values, objects, or actions. As the next step, some of these are lifted to a higher level by computational means. In the object-oriented paradigm the target of such steps is classes. We hypothesise that the proposed approach primarily will be beneficial to novice progr...
Lone Leth Thomsen, Bent Thomsen, Kurt Nørma
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Lone Leth Thomsen, Bent Thomsen, Kurt Nørmark
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