Computer-aided design of porous artifacts

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Computer-aided design of porous artifacts
Heterogeneous structures represent an important new frontier for 21st century engineering. Human tissues, composites, `smart' and multimaterial objects are all physically manifest in the world as three-dimensional (3D) objects with varying surface, internal and volumetric properties and geometries. For instance, a tissue engineered structure, such as bone scaffold for guided tissue regeneration, can be described as a heterogeneous structure consisting of 3D extra-cellular matrices (made from biodegradable material) and seeded donor cells and/or growth factors. The design and fabrication of such heterogeneous structures requires new techniques for solid models to represent 3D heterogeneous objects with complex material properties. This paper presents a representation of model density and porosity based on stochastic geometry. While density has been previously studied in the solid modeling literature, porosity is a relatively new problem. Modeling porosity of bio-materials is criti...
Craig A. Schroeder, William C. Regli, Ali Shokoufa
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Type Journal
Year 2005
Where CAD
Authors Craig A. Schroeder, William C. Regli, Ali Shokoufandeh, Wei Sun
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