Computer Arithmetic-A Processor Architect's Perspective

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Computer Arithmetic-A Processor Architect's Perspective
The Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of a programmable processor is the native languageof the machine. It defines the set of operations and resourcesthat are optimized for that computer, information appliance or server. It is basedon the workload characterization of the types of software expected to run on that computer. Unfortunately, the workload characterization upon which microprocessor ISA choices have been made has not kept up with the changing nature of general-purpose computations and communications. This has resulted in a plethora of special-purpose hardware chips and boards for these new information processing paradigms, and a general misunderstanding that software running on programmable processorscannot achieve certain performance, cost or power levels. Microprocessors that attain high performance levels in the new processing areastend to have complex microarchitecture and very fast cycle times, both of which result in high cost and power. Actually, much faster, lower co...
Ruby B. Lee
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