A Computer Participant in Musical Improvisation

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A Computer Participant in Musical Improvisation
the changing roles of participants in a musical improvisation and synchronously generate appropriate contributions of its own. Musical improvisation is a collaborative activity analogous to conversation. Both are sequences of spontaneous utterances constructed within a collaborative structure that is interactively managed by the participants. Based on results from conversation analysis, I have constructed a computer improvisor that participates in small group improvisation. Using conversation analysis rules for turn-taking, the computer tracks the roles of the other musicians and follows a structural model of the improvisation to determine its own role as the improvisation unfolds. User-centered design was crucial to the successful development and deployment of the system. Many human-computer interaction researchers have concluded that people regard interactive computer systems as social actors [17, 22]. In Lucy Suchman’s study of human interactions with photocopiers [21], copier use...
William F. Walker
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Type Conference
Year 1997
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Authors William F. Walker
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