Computer Science in Elementary and Secondary Schools

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Computer Science in Elementary and Secondary Schools
In this paper we examine the current computer science curriculum in elementary schools and identify its shortcomings. We then presents a new approach to teaching computer science at the elementary school level. We identify five main concepts that are at the heart of computer science, and show on examples from our experience how these concepts may be presented in the primary school classroom. The suggested approach encourages the students to spend most of their time thinking, inventing games, playing them, analyzing them, and explaining in words what is happening. The computer is used do visualize some of the algorithms, to execute simple programs, and to serve as the motivation for this approach. That means that a large portion of these activities can be carried out successfully with only a limited computer facilities. This opens up new opportunities for learning to the students in schools that lack financial resources. Key Words: computer science curriculum, elementary education. pro...
Viera K. Proulx
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Year 1993
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Authors Viera K. Proulx
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