Conceptual Modeling of Device-Independent Web Applications

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Conceptual Modeling of Device-Independent Web Applications
Existing tools intended to build and deploy engaging complex Web sites (including functionality) have shown to be inadequate to face the software production process in an unified and systematic way, from a precise system specification to the corresponding final implementation. In this context, where new technologies are continuously emerging, new approaches are required for the web developer to address the entire software lifecycle, from design to development to deployment to maintenance, in a way that is consistent, efficient and lets developers write device-independent applications. To address this concern we report on OO-HMethod, a methodological proposal that, using an Object-Oriented approach, captures all the relevant properties involved in the modeling and implementation of Web Application Interfaces. The OO-HMethod design process involves the construction of two additional views, complementary to those captured in traditional, UML-compliant, conceptual modeling approaches. Thes...
Jaime Gómez, Cristina Cachero
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Jaime Gómez, Cristina Cachero
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