A Concrete Final Coalgebra Theorem for ZF Set Theory

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A Concrete Final Coalgebra Theorem for ZF Set Theory
A special final coalgebra theorem, in the style of Aczel's [2], is proved within standard Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. Aczel's AntiFoundation Axiom is replaced by a variant definition of function that admits non-well-founded constructions. Variant ordered pairs and tuples, of possibly infinite length, are special cases of variant functions. Analogues of Aczel's Solution and Substitution Lemmas are proved in the style of Rutten and Turi [12]. The approach is less general than Aczel's, but the treatment of non-well-founded objects is simple and concrete. The final coalgebra of a functor is its greatest fixedpoint. The theory is intended for machine implementation and a simple case of it is already implemented using the theorem prover Isabelle [10]. Thomas Forster alerted me to Quine's work. Peter Aczel and Andrew Pitts offered considerable advice and help. Daniele Turi gave advice by electronic mail. I have used Paul Taylor's macros for commuting diagrams. K...
Lawrence C. Paulson
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors Lawrence C. Paulson
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