Conflicting Imperatives and Dyadic Deontic Logic

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Conflicting Imperatives and Dyadic Deontic Logic
Often a set of imperatives or norms seems satisfiable from the outset, but conflicts arise when ways to fulfill all are ruled out by unfortunate circumstances. Semantic methods to handle normative conflicts were devised by B. van Fraassen and J. F. Horty, but these are not sensitive to circumstances. The present paper extends these resolution mechanisms to circumstantial inputs, defines dyadic deontic operators accordingly, and provides a sound and (weakly) complete axiomatic system for such deontic semantics. 1 The Question of Normative Conflicts Do moral conflicts exist? The orthodox belief in the 1950's was that such conflicts only exist at first glance
Jörg Hansen
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Year 2004
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Authors Jörg Hansen
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