Conformal Mapping by Computationally Efficient Methods

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Conformal Mapping by Computationally Efficient Methods
Dimensionality reduction is the process by which a set of data points in a higher dimensional space are mapped to a lower dimension while maintaining certain properties of these points relative to each other. One important property is the preservation of the three angles formed by a triangle consisting of three neighboring points in the high dimensional space. If this property is maintained for those same points in the lower dimensional embedding then the result is a conformal map. However, many of the commonly used nonlinear dimensionality reduction techniques, such as Locally Linear Embedding (LLE) or Laplacian Eigenmaps (LEM), do not produce conformal maps. Post-processing techniques formulated as instances of semi-definite programming (SDP) problems can be applied to the output of either LLE or LEM to produce a conformal map. However, the effectiveness of this approach is limited by the computational complexity of SDP solvers. This paper will propose an alternative postprocessing ...
Stefan Pintilie, Ali Ghodsi
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Year 2010
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Authors Stefan Pintilie, Ali Ghodsi
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