On the Consistency of Instantaneous Rigid Motion Estimation

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On the Consistency of Instantaneous Rigid Motion Estimation
Instantaneous camera motion estimation is an important research topic in computer vision. Although in theory more than five points uniquely determine the solution in an ideal situation, in practice one can usually obtain better estimates by using more image velocity measurements because of the noise present in the velocity measurements. However, the usefulness of using a large number of observations has never been analyzed in detail. In this paper, we formulate this problem in the statistical estimation framework. We show that under certain noise models, consistency of motion estimation can be established: that is, arbitrarily accurate estimates of motion parameters are possible with more and more observations. This claim does not simply follow from the general consistency result for maximum likelihood estimates. Some experiments will be provided to verify our theory. Our analysis and experiments also indicate that many previously proposed algorithms are inconsistent under even very si...
Tong Zhang, Carlo Tomasi
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where IJCV
Authors Tong Zhang, Carlo Tomasi
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