Consistency Management for Complex Applications

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Consistency Management for Complex Applications
Consistency management is an important requirement in many complex applications, but current programming languages and database systems provide inadequate support for it. To address this limitation, we have de ned a consistency management model and incorporated it into the Pleiades object management system. This paper presents a motivating example that illustrates some typical consistency management requirements and discusses the requirements in terms of both functionality and cross-cutting concerns that a ect how this functionality is provided. It then describes the model and some design and implementation issues that arose in instantiating it. Finally, we discuss feedback we have received from users and future research plans. KEYWORDS Consistency management, inconsistency management, object management, software engineering environments
Peri L. Tarr, Lori A. Clarke
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where ICSE
Authors Peri L. Tarr, Lori A. Clarke
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